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We’ve got you covered! All of the different medical and recreational marijuana flowers present in our shop will help you relax, make you focused, uplifted, and sociable, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve chronic pains, help you fight against cancer, aid you in controlling ADHD/ADD and so many other functions. Friendlyfarms is a neighborhood online dispensary that combines industry expertise with the friendly service you’ve been looking for. We aren’t just another medical or recreational dispensary like the rest, we are vertically integrated. Whether you’re ready to explore our wide range of products or have a favorite you want to order time and time again, we are here to help you find the products which will be perfect for you health-wise and enjoy every step along the way since marijuana is well known for its psychoactive effects. Friendly Farms dispensary provides a safe, clean, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere for our clients to browse, get helpful recommendations, and relax and enjoy recreational cannabis. There is no other dispensary in Washington like us.

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Friendly Farms is dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis flowers possible while collaborating with the best cultivators in the Washington cannabis industry. Some of the flowers are best for relaxing and focusing. If you want to ease into your day or night without having to worry about sleeping through it, this is the best online shop for you.

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