guava cakes strain
Guava cake strain

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Guava cakes strain is a marijuana hybrid strain that is thought to be the result of a particular cross between Wedding Cake and Guava. This strain has a soothing effect rather than being stimulating one. Guava Cake’s effects will make you feel tingling, stimulated, and giddy. Guava Cake may cause dry mouth, according to Leafly users, so drink plenty of water while smoking it. Some customers seek out this strain when they are feeling mild symptoms of sadness, stress, or weariness.

Guava Cake has a tropical flavor profile with pear and tree fruit sweetness. Guava Cake has a THC level that ranges from 28 to 30 percent, making it a terrific choice for experienced THC users. This strain’s original breeder is unknown. Caryophyllene is thought to be the most prevalent terpene in Guava Cake. Tap here to buy this strain

Guava Cake is an antidepressant.

It is said to help with depression by 17% of people.

It is said to help with stress by 17% of persons.

It is said to help with fatigue in 8% of persons.

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