Gumbo Strain
Gumbo Strain


Gumbo Strain. Don’t let the name of this Indica strain mislead you. It gets its name not from the seafood but from the scent, which is somewhat like bubblegum. Customers enjoy the sweet and fruity aroma, which is also present in the flavor when smoked.

The majority of Gumbo’s buds are fairly round, covered in dark green pistils, and may catch your eye when you observe them up close. Both experienced and new users have said they have enjoyed the effects of this strain, with THC levels typically averaging in the high teens and low 20s.

According to reviews, the effects of gumbo tend to calm or stimulate appetite, and some users have used it to treat insomnia or eating disorders in addition to pain relief and muscle spasms.

Gumbo contains higher concentrations of the terpene Beta-Myrcene, which may also help to explain why it causes sedation since Myrcene has been linked to sleepiness or a “couch-lock” effect.

THC:17.33 – 19.33%

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