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    500 mg edible gummies. High Dose gummies are confections created purely for amusement and were inspired by the carefree way of life of West Coast dreamers, skaters, and surfers.

    The joy of enjoying an edible with your friends while lounging around is starting to seem like a thing of the past in the age of cannabis as the holy grail of health and wellness. While we at High Dose do not despise health heroes, we do believe that there are still situations in which good marijuana can simply be good marijuana. For this reason, we developed High Dose gummies, which are mouthwatering candies infused with the best THC available.

    Eight traditional candy flavors—strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, tangerine, blackberry, cherry cola, tropical punch, and watermelon—are available in High Dose gummies. Each flavor comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg THC concentrations. Sharing is compassionate, but it’s optional based on your level of bravery.

    Suggested Use: For first-time users, we advise starting with a low dose. Before considering another dose, give the first one 60 to 90 minutes to take effect.

    Storage: Keep items in a cool, dry location. When used within two months of opening, it is ideal.

    Keep away from children and pets at all times. Never drive or use machinery while intoxicated. After using this product, users may experience delayed effects that last for several hours.

    Available Flavours:

    – Cherry 500mg THC

    – Cherry Cola 500mg THC

    – Tropical Punch 500mg THC

    – Watermelon 500mg THC

    – Strawberry 500mg THC

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    Cherry 500mg THC, Cherry Cola 500mg THC, Tropical Punch 500mg THC, Watermelon 500mg THC, Strawberry 500mg THC


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