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    Cannasol’s ACDC BHO Wax is available at Green Valley CBD USA. Levels of THC and CBD are 5% and 52% respectively.

    Cannatonic is a high-CBD cannabis strain with a Sativa-dominant phenotype.


    The THC: CBD ratio of 1:20 in ACDC is one of its most notable features, indicating that this strain has no psychotropic effects. ACDC’s CBD concentration in flowers has been shown to be as high as 19 percent in tests, which some individuals utilize for relief from a variety of diseases.


    Concentrates are a sort of product.

    Sativa/Sativa dominant hybrid with a high CBD content

    Cannasol Farms is the grower.

    Type of Plant: Sungrown

    Yes, it is organic.

    Origin: Eastern Washington


    Shatter has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest sort of extract, thanks to its immaculate amber glass transparency. However, translucence isn’t always a good indicator of quality; oil consistency and texture are determined by a variety of factors. ​


    One of the purest ways to create a medicated state is using this clear, smooth, solid form of marijuana extracts. While most concentrates only go through one extraction, shatter goes through a second extraction to remove lipids, waxes, and fats. With up to 80% THC concentration in our shatter, it produces an exceptionally intense high.


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