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    Jack Herer by Friendly Farmscc is often referred to as the “desert island pick” by many people (i.e: if you could only pick one). If your budget does not allow for a wide range of options, Jack Herer has the best chance of providing the body with what it requires at the time for healing. The typical anticipated effects range from being happy and motivated to being focused and creative while experiencing a body high. If your body is fatigued, you will experience more relaxing and sedative effects when you take a higher dose of the medication. If taken after a good night’s sleep, Jack Herer by Friendly Farmscc can be a wonderful mood booster, energy booster, and focus enhancer. Bloom jack herer cartridge

     Cartridge for the Jack Herer Vape

    Jack Herer Live Resin vape cartridge | Hempceuticals - Hemp & Cannabis for Greater Fresno, CA

    Sativa is a type of cannabis.
    Primary Terpinolene is a terpene.
    Mood: euphoric, uplifted, and content
    Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are some of the most common uses.
    Fully Charged on the Energy Spectrum. bloom jack herer cartridge


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