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    Developed by the team at Denver Relief Farms in Colorado, Bio Jesus is a cross between Gumbo, an Ohio native strain, and Bio-Diesel, a strain that won first place in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup.

    Is The Bio Jesus Strain Good For Relieving Pain? | 420DC DC's Local Cannabis Community

    Consumers have made a complaint. Bio The scent of Jesus is pungent and tangy, with notes of myrrh, citrus, and earth. It has a similar flavor to the original, with hints of pine and diesel. Buy bio Jesus strain

    The most frequently reported side effects
    Relaxed \sEuphoric \sSleepy
    What do you think you’re feeling after taking this strain?
    Flavors that were most frequently reported
    Lime \sCitrus \sDiesel
    What does this strain’s flavor profile taste like?
    Grow information Bio Jesus resembles its Indica-leaning Gumbo ancestors, with densely packed buds of light green and furry orange hairs that are reminiscent of the original. Because the plant is susceptible to overheating and fungi, cultivators may have some difficulty growing Bio Jesus in their gardens. The Bio Jesus variety reaches full maturity in eight to ten weeks and produces yields that are above average when grown under optimal conditions. During the months of September to early October, Bio Jesus blooms in outdoor gardens.

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