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    BHO Crumble by BDirty Girl at Green Valley CBD USA. Arcata Lemon Wreck is a Sativa-dominant cross of a Trainwreck hybrid and Cinderella 99.

    Concentrates are a sort of product.

    Sativa/Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis type

    Agro Couture, Agro Couture, Agro Couture, Agro Couture, Agro Couture, Agro Couture, A

    Indoor type of cultivation

    Unknown type of organic

    Origin: Western Washington

    THC concentration: 73 percent


    With a crisp pungent note evocative of Pine-Sol, the mixture offers a tropical aroma of pineapples and citrus fruit. Dirty Girl has a delicious lemon candy flavor, and the effects it produces are upbeat and inventive.


    Dirty Girl is also claimed to make you feel better:) This extract comes in a plastic container with a screw-top lid, is crumbly, and does not attach to the container. Extracts from this company are extremely popular, with strong cannabinoid test results and terp tests on the back.


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