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Our sales Units;

Ounce (Oz)= 30 grams

Quarter Pound (1/4 P)= 4 Oz

Half pound (1/2 P)= 8 Oz

Pound (P)= 16 Oz


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    About this product

    Skunk House Genetics created the Donny Burger by backcrossing the clone only GMO to their Han Solo Burger (GMO x Larry OG).  The heavy-hitting GMO gets a nice flavor boost from the Larry OG but stays true to form, smelling like a sirloin burger topped with caramelized onions and lemon aioli.


    Indica/Sativa: 60/40

    Dominant Terpenes: 





    FlowerAmmoniaCaryophylleneCheeseDonny BurgerEarthyEuphoricHumuleneHybridLimoneneMyrceneRelaxedTHCTingly

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    About this strain: Donny Burger

    Skunk house Genetics’ Donny Burger strain is a combination of GMO and its proprietary Han Solo Burger.

    The top reported aromas of the Donny Burger strain are cheese, lemon, and spices. It is said to taste cheese, citrus, and pepper.

    Top reported strain effects

    • Relaxed

    • Euphoric

    • Tingly

    Top reported strain flavors

    • Cheese

    • Earthy

    • Ammonia

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    1/2 Oz, Oz


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