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    With its upbeat and starry-eyed personality, Green Dream will convince smokers they are indeed on the “greener” (or more pleasant) side of the garden. This herb will have Sativa enthusiasts feeling as if they are walking through a lucid dream, thanks to its mind-expanding high that will take them over the ninth sky of euphoria.

    Despite the fact that it’s tempting to consume two or more bowls of this, beginners should proceed with caution because the THC content can reach up to 24 percent, making the entire experience a nightmare for them.

    The truth is that it is simply composed of two world-class strains, solidifying not only its prominence but also the way it envelopes users in a positive haze as a result of their consumption. Furthermore, it is because of Blue Dream that it has the ability to soothe the body while also providing a boost of mental energy.

    Its earthy and zesty profile, on the other hand, is seamlessly carried over from its other parent, Green Crack. An invigorating scent is complemented by the strain’s acute ability to squeeze out a mental buzz that provides users with long-lasting concentration.

    Green Dream Weed Strain Information | Leafly

    Flavors and odors are important considerations.
    As if taking a stroll along the shorelines of a tropical island, Green Dream reveals lush, citrus notes at the forefront of the aroma, similar to that of a tropical island. The palette, which is supported by the muskiness of wood undertones, creates the illusion of getaway trips to tropical locations where palm trees can be found.

    Its flavors are just as refreshing as its fragrance, but they are more reminiscent of a cannabis-infused matcha green tea than anything else. Its flavor is complex, rich, and astringent, and it leaves an alluring sweetness on the palate when exhaled, just like the famous beverage. Expect a smooth, creamy experience that is similar to a latte, but without the coughing.

    Medical Applications and Advantages

    Green Dream’s wistfully holistic effects will appeal to those who are looking for a quick escape from their current situation. Because of its potency and uplifting properties, it is an effective treatment for a wide range of psychological ailments, promoting a sense of calm and focus in those who take it.

    Of course, the fact that it is predominantly Sativa means that it is primarily concerned with producing mood-enhancing properties. It takes away one’s mental fogginess and replaces it with a newfound vigor for life by clearing away the mental cobwebs.

    Long-term depression sufferers may also notice that they are relying more on positive thoughts, and this shift in mindset allows them to make significant changes in their way of life. Among other things, patients may have the opportunity to complete numerous tasks throughout the day – whether they are personal errands, household chores, or work-related tasks.

    While experiencing the high, a noticeable numbing sensation is felt throughout the body as it fades away. Users are not slowed down, however, because the muscles are simply relaxed, rather than sluggish, as a result of the sluggish motion.

    With a THC content of up to 24 percent, the analgesic properties of this strain are clearly visible, as it relieves the symptoms of PMS, headaches, fatigue, and mild pain.

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