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    Buy space monkey weed strain. Gorilla Glue and Wookie #15 were crossed to create the Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain known as Space Monkey. In addition to being pungent, stinky, sour, and dank, the perfume also has a hint of sweet lavender. Small to medium, generally spherical, dusty to dark green nugs of Space Monkey with a few vivid orange-red hairs and good trichome coverage. People that use Space Monkey claim it’s perfect for daytime use, aches and pains, stress, PTSD, nausea, and a low tolerance for smokers because of its calming body high and understated head high. Smokers of Space Monkey also speak of a smooth high that includes sweetness, pine, lemon, and lavender aromas

    Space Monkey is beneficial for depression
    19% of respondents claim that it alleviates their depression.
    7% of folks claim it lessens their pain.
    Having no appetite
    3% of people claim it improves their lack of appetite. Buy space monkey weed strain

    This strain is a perfect nighttime or relaxing strain.

    The majority of stores carry it, but not in as high of quality as what we have here. Within an hour, the strain’s initial boost in creativity and energy starts to wane, and the munchies and comedown are incredibly mild—almost nonexistent.

    This strain typically has a perfect THC content and perfect taste. Order now and have a try at it

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