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Who We Are (From Farm To Friend)

Psilocybe cubensis. We are a huge psychedelics and marijuana enthusiast who, for some years, has spent every waking moment learning everything there is to know about the importance of these two (psychedelics and marijuana). We have spent years searching for recreative and useful products around the world and bringing them to you with a belief that they will help you health-wise. Like most growers, we got our start with a small to grow setup. Soon after we started things took off. We found ourselves running semi-industrial-sized and working in labs to cultivate strains to produce higher yields, greater THC, or both! After years of work,  we decided to bring our knowledge to you!

Why? Because of some of the experiences we have dealt with every possible growing situation. we’ve included every insight we’ve ever had (and more from experts on the forums) on this site so you can both benefit from our experience and secure quality psychedelic and marijuana guaranteed to arrive and manifest! Please do not hesitate to contact us, give us comments, feedback, suggestions, or even criticisms.

Built on a commitment to social responsibility in the cannabis industry, we designed a shop around the four pillars of the community, lifestyle, education, and entertainment to improve the lives of millions of people. We believe that the best marketing is when customers are educated and connected with the best products and services that serve their needs.

What We Do

Congrats! You found the best place for your depression, anxiety, and other mental disorder.

At Friendlyfarms, we supply psychoactive products at affordable prices with a 100% genuine warranty thus helping consumers to have experiences that are different from their ordinary reality. We are also helping a lot of people have great ideas to gift their friends. We are sure that in this online shopping store, there are kinds of stuff you may not know that has ever existed, we always try our best to provide customers with a great online shopping experience by ensuring not only the smooth buying process but also the good after-sales service. Buy spore syringes here also. With us, you can grow your own mushrooms or research the mushroom spores.


Our Vision and Mission

We love sharing our passion for mushrooms and other psychedelic-related products. Our goal is to deliver the best psychedelics, provide guidance and support in preparation for your psychedelic journey. We strongly support every tripper, microdose, beginner.

Our team is enthusiastic and passionate, we are keen growers that enjoy sharing our mushroom love and knowledge and we are always happy to help and educate every tripper, microdose, or beginner.

What Makes Us Different

At Friendlyfarms, here are the main key reasons we think you should buy and trust us;

  1. We have the best service in the psychedelic world/market. We ship worldwide, delivery is reliable (safe) and discreet. Our customer satisfaction is our # 1 priority.  We deliver the purest psychedelic products available on the market.
  2. Our products are the best and are of top quality, our mushrooms are all lab tested and contain the appropriate amount of psilocybin (the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms respectively). It helps you go through the journey of hallucinogen action, decreases pain (e.g. stress, financial problems, poor health),  increases pleasure (e.g. glowing health, freedom, popularity).
  3. We are trustworthy and have a good reputation; We work extremely hard to protect our good name and do everything in our power to ensure that our customers, prospects, employees view us as a team of value. We keep in mind that our credibility, plausibility, and truthfulness will also win us far more customers than exaggerated claims and over-the-top promises.
  4. The Value of our products are the best and will be necessary for other patients, tripper and beginners.
  5. Our payment methods are easy, safe, and secure. As far as privacy and security are concerned.
  6. We are the cheapest (affordable) when it comes to psychedelics.
  7. We care the most for all our customers. We have our online supports both on live chat and WhatsApp ready for any inquiries you need.

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While we’re strong advocates of the use of psychedelics for the sake of health, personal growth, and development — in no way does Friendlyfarms takes people’s money or give out products that are not true to type

Our website serves as a source of information involving the use of psychoactive substances for healing and a means for harm-reduction in those who aim to engage in psychedelics or marijuana. However, we urge you to understand and abide by your local laws.

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